A fun, fantastical serial action-adventure stories for kids podcast that will delight dog-lovers and story-lovers of all ages!

Power Dog Illustration by Colin Laurel

The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland Cover Art a power dog flower in cupped hands, reads "you give us an attitude of gratitude"

Hank Crozier stands in our studio wearing a mask and smiling in front of a screen with our cover art and the words "Welcome Hank the Hank and Mom Slice!"

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Power Dog illustration in profile by Matt Hayes

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Mom Slice & Power Dog in Human form in the sunset light

The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland Podcast is a serialized fiction story for kids, told in 15-35 minute audio episodes for families with kids aged 4 and up. The story centers on Power Dog, his family, and friends in a world called Dogland. Power Dog and his pack work out problems together, help each other gain compassion for new creatures they meet, and discover powers they didn’t know they had. They use mindfulness techniques and teamwork to overcome adversity, and they use fun humor like jokes and dog puns to enjoy life on Dogland together.

The story, which started as an ongoing creative exercise in imaginative play, is written and performed by Phoebe Owens, Portland, Or Librarian, artist, filmmaker, and mother to Hank Crozier, age 7, who serves as co-writer and editor of the story along with his father, Michael Crozier, who provides storyline writing and support. The show is a  multi-generational affair, featuring

old-time music by Hank’s grandparents. Additional original music is provided by their creative partner Jason Roark.

We are proud members of Kids Listen– a grassroots organization dedicated to high-quality audio for kids & families.  

This podcast has been made possible in part by funding provided by the Regional Arts & Culture Council in Portland, Oregon. Thank you RACC!

It has been made even more possible by listeners like you. Thank you so much for your support, and extra big thanks to our Patreon patrons, who get early access to all of our episodes ad-free as well as goodies and merch at any level of support. We are not joking even a little when we say we could not do this without you!


The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland is created in the ancestral lands of the Cowlitz, Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Tumwater, Tualatin Kalapuya, Wasco, Molalla, Watlala, bands of the Chinook, and many other tribes and nations of the first people who made their homes along the rivers here in this area now called Multnomah County of Oregon.